2019 Trunk-Or-Treat

Jen Smith

Trunk-Or-Treat 2019


What fun! Trunks go all out every year for this event. So I rolled up my sleeves and used my IGotMadProps creativeness and decided to do a movie theater trunk.

I first had to make sure we could get a spot with electricity-check.

Make sure our TV would fit in my trunk-check.

Ask the school for popcorn supplies/machine-check.

It all started to come together.  I brought my TV and DVD player (don't forget to bring the remotes). A small card table with a black table cloth for the popcorn machine.  I used a PCV pipe I already had a home for the red curtains bought at target earlier that day. The red carpet is 72" felt at Joann Fabrics (I bought 2 feet).  The Walk of Fame stars had each one of our names on it.  I created the stars, popcorn garland and "Now Showing" banner.  

Note: We went through a lot of popcorn! SO plan accordingly, we had enough for a 2 hour event. The machine was running the whole time with a new batch after batch. And we even had a line most of the night. 

FUN was definitely had! Thank you to Upper Bucks Christian School for hosting this event again for a 3rd year in a row.